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Most little girls spend hours of their childhood dreaming of their wedding.  My sister and I are not even what I would consider highly romantic as females go, but even we would play “wedding” when we were little girls.  A white nightgown thrown over the head became instant veil.  Evidently this fascination with weddings spans generations because my daughter, Ellie, saw one of my wedding photographs when she was four and she asked, “Was this your married day?” I said, “Yes, and who did Mommy marry?”  to which she promptly answered, “The Prince!”  (That’s when I decided she had been watching a little too much Disney channel.)

Well, as you can tell from the ExVoto Spring 2012 video, my affinity for a wedding has not quite ended yet, in spite of the fact that I have already married, “The Prince”.  My friend, Catherine Ryals, the designer of Stella Reese wedding gowns, was inspired enough by my spring inspiration board and by the ExVoto spring collection to design a new wedding skirt.  It is a long, somewhat Bohemian/peasant skirt made of beautiful ivory silk taffeta.  Catherine named the skirt the “Elizabeth” skirt, and we paired it with a delicate crocheted top and our wrapping leather belt for the Spring 2012 look book shoot.  Then we styled it with the 64″ opera length white pearls with suede tassel and Cloverdale cross.  Everyone at the shoot thought the photos came out looking absolutely dreamy. (See top photo)  Stella Reese gowns are made from beginning to end with your measurements so there is no taking the size 10, for instance, which was left in the shop and whittling it down to a size 4.  You truly end up with a dress that is made for YOU!

I feel honored when a bride allows ExVoto to play a small part in their big day.  Lately brides have been choosing the Classic bracelet as a gift to their bridesmaids.  Some have chosen to wear an ExVoto necklace with a locket on their wedding day, placing a photo of a family member who is no longer with them inside.  We have even removed the locket and attached it to a clasp that allows it to be attached to their bouquet during the ceremony and then attached to their ExVoto necklace later.  We think this is a nice way to keep a part of your wedding day with you everyday.

It is always an honor when a client gives us their family locket, cameo or cross to attach to an ExVoto necklace or bracelet.  It makes me very happy to help the client wear their treasure from a special family member in a new way.  If you have a treasure you would like to wear on an ExVoto necklace let us know!  We would be glad to help…even if it’s not for your “married day”!

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