Vintage Valentines

exvoto vintageGrowing up, my maternal grandmother, “Mimi”, lived two states away.  In spite of the fact that we were not able to see her but a few times each year, my sister and I were close to her.  Mimi was great about sending a card when she had to miss a birthday and it seems Mimi never failed to deliver a card on exactly the date of the event.  She was also always good for a Valentine’s Day card.  She had cancer when I was in college, and on one particular Valentine’s Day, she was not feeling well enough to go to the store and purchase a card for my sister and me.  Instead, she searched through her scrapbooks and mailed to us valentine cards she herself had received when she was a child.  The valentine in the photo above is a copy of the one she sent to me.  Mimi told me that an elementary school classmate of hers had made this valentine card and given it to her.  She was quite apologetic about the “re-gifting” of an old valentine, but I assured her that, in my mind, it was perfection!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at ExVoto Vintage!
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