Versatility is Key…

For years, I was always on the hunt for that necklace which I could wear everyday, no matter what the day held for me.  But I wouldn’t settle for just any necklace, it had to be special.  My signature piece.  According to my clients, I just may have created what I had always been searching for! Their ExVoto necklaces are just that for them.  Signature pieces they want to wear everyday.  I aim for each piece of ExVoto to help the woman who wears it feel special and unique, and I want each piece to meet a wide range of needs within their wardrobe.
The next three photos show this versatility well.  Here, Anna has styled the Claire necklace with a silk blouse for the workday, a white tee and jeans for the weekend, and a cocktail dress for evening.  Shown is the Claire with gray freshwater pearls and the Daisy locket, but this necklace is available in white or champagne pearls as well with several pendant options.
We would love to know how you wear your ExVoto!  We are constantly inspired by the creativity of our clients!

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  1. Can this necklace be made 18″ long and what would the price be?

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