Meet Louise!

You may not realize this but, many of our pendants and lockets are named for streets in the historic neighborhoods of our home Montgomery, Alabama.  Additionally, each necklace and bracelet style of ExVoto Vintage is named for either a friend, customer, family member or employee of the company.  Which brings me to announce the newest necklace style, the Louise!
The Louise is a delicate, 18″ sterling silver necklace created from varying chain styles and hand wrapped gold beads.  This mixed-metals necklace features a choice of limited edition pendants cast from original antiques I have discovered over the last few years.
Louise is named after the original Louise, my niece!
Meet the original Louise….
Isn’t she the cutest?!
The Louise by ExVoto Vintage…

To shop the Louise online, click HERE.

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  1. Elizabeth,

    I think you are just the BEST!! I love the Louise. The squishy one and the none squishy.

    Praying for your ENORMOUS success!. I love all my Ex Voto things.


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