Meet Claire

ExVoto has another “new girl” for F2012!  The Claire necklace is a 16″ choker necklace made of 10mm hand-wrapped freshwater pearls.  Vintage crystals make the transition from pearls to double strands of antiqued gold chain.  The exclusive ExVoto toggle closes the necklace at the front and features your choice of vintage lockets and pendants.
The Claire, much like the Jessica necklace, is named for one of the young members of the ExVoto team.  Our Claire will graduate next month and we will miss her and Jessica so much!  They began working for ExVoto at Christmas and continued through the year working in the showroom on Saturdays.  Claire and Jessica are two of the sweetest girls and I’ve enjoyed being around them.
I came through the showroom one Saturday when Claire was working and she mentioned she had a dance to attend that night.  We started talking about her dress (which was in her car) and I was asking her what shoes she would wear and how she would wear her hair and the all important question…”what jewelry?”  She didn’t feel solid on any of it at the moment.  So I left and as I was driving back home (my home is around the corner) it hit me exactly what necklace she should wear.  The only problem was this necklace only existed in my head!  As they say in the South, I now had a “bee in my bonnet”.  So I swung back around and got to work in the studio building a necklace for Claire.  She stood and watched me work, and in her own words, “silently freaked out in her head.”  The necklace was together and we fitted it for her and off she went!
This is Claire in the original, “Claire”.
The Claire necklace is available in champagne, white, light gray or black freshwater pearls and a variety of locket and pendants (even the Blackforest Medal which can be monogrammed!)

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