Here is a little preview of Fall 2012…
Shown is the Graham bracelet with faceted black jet stones.

For a while gray was everywhere in the fashion world, but after viewing the pre-fall runway presentations, I predict that black will be back in Fall 21012.
So–here is the low-down on the epitome of black which is, of course, JET.

Jet is created when wood is put under intense pressure for thousands of years. When this pressurized, carbonized wood is combined with salt water, the result is hard jet.
Jet has been used for adornment since Roman times. Hard jet is often carved, but this process is difficult due to the brittle nature of the stone.

Queen Victoria made jet a popular gemstone when she wore jet jewelry as part of her mourning dress after her husband, Albert passed away. The jet she wore was called Whitby jet because it came from the coastal beaches of Whitby, England.

In the states, jet was very popular during the roaring twenties when young flappers of the Jazz Age would wear long, multiple strands of jet beads.
With the much anticipated new Gatsby movie, and Kate Moss’ wedding theme, everything Jazz Age is super hot at the moment. The flapper drop-waisted dress was seen all over the pre-fall runways, so how fitting to add a little Jazz Age jet into the mix with some accessories!
These pieces in jet can be so versatile. You can shuffle paperwork by day and then wear it to a formal event that night.
For fall 2012, black is the new black.

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  1. Lovely!!! I know the rest of the collection will be just as thoughtful and devine.

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