How She Styles It

  In the past two years I have noticed how many times I’ve been inspired by ExVoto fans and the way they wear the collection.  For example, the concept of attaching the leather band necklace and the classic necklace together to wear them as a long necklace came from an ExVoto fan at a trunk show in Texas.  She loved both pieces and kept playing with them, connecting the toggles together to create a third necklace. (See our How To Wear It video on our video page to see this style in action.)

Well, I’ve decided to begin a blog post series documenting some of the many ways you guys wear the collection. The series will be called, “How She Styles It.”  In these posts, I will also give you a bit of background info about the women featured.

So to kick it all off I chose a friend of mine, Natalie.  In this photograph, Natalie (on the left) is wearing a one-of-a-kind 18″ Classic with an antique locket.  I love the lace on her top (lace is very big this season, and ExVoto always looks great with lace!) and the way she mixes black and brown.  Natalie has a very laid back, eclectic style– a little bohemian chic.  This probably comes from the fact that she is an artist.

Natalie, like most mothers of young children says her average day usually goes something like this:

feeding kids, carpool, naptime/housework/reading time, feeding kids, carpool again, homework/play with kids/ball practice, cook dinner, eat, family time, bedtime for kiddos, chill time

Although she says that if she had a “free-day” (what is that? Does that really happen?) she would spend it reading.

Natalie’s style icon is childhood friend, Melissa Fuselier.  Mostly Natalie is a jeans and a t-shirt girl, so I asked her what her favorite go-to outfit for a date-night or girls night out would be and she answered, “The same pair of awesome jeans, off white top/blouse, flat shoes, and of course, the greatest part is the exVoto necklace.”  Aww, thanks Nat.  I hope Melissa would approve!

I’m a quotes girl.  I always like to ask your favorite quote.  Natalie’s favorite is:

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

OK, here’s the part where you need to take NOTES…  Natalie has beautiful skin, but she swears by a “secret weapon”…
Lancome Effacernes concealer.  Note taken.

Natalie told me her ExVoto wishlist contains the 18″ leather band necklace in saddle and sapphire with the Daisy locket.  Exactly what I would have chosen for her myself!

The How She Styles It blog posts will continue! I hope you will be inspired by the women I feature as much as I am!


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  1. beautiful!!!
    i love your pieces & loved this post 🙂

  2. Elizabeth, you are amazingly talented and the collection is GORGEOUS!

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