ExVoto goes to Parish!

First off, meet Parish.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Parish, it is a beautiful interiors store here in Montgomery, AL owned by a very talented interior designer, Ashley Gilbreath.

For more info about Ashley and her team, visit her website, or her blog.  Try not to drool into your computer while looking through the photographs of her work.  Her style is casual chic and it gives a very peaceful vibe.  This is a lot like the style of my home.  The ExVoto showroom is where I get out all of my need for warm, cozy, dark wood and wool, chocolate brown, and red etc. but when I go home I like things to be peaceful and calm.  White walls and bleached wood floors and letting the color come from artwork and the rest of the personality from the people–that’s my philosophy at home.

Ashley Gilbreath and I have similar life stories of loss followed by redemption and renewal.  ExVoto is based in the concept of  redemption and renewal and some of the work Ashley does is as well.  For example, there is a certain house in the historic Old Cloverdale neighborhood of our town, which my ten-year-old daughter, Ellie, comments on every time we pass.  She has always admired the house, even though it had fallen into disrepair in the last few years, and has been waiting for someone to come along and love it as much as her.  Well, enter Ashley and her husband who recently purchased the home and are lovingly renovating it back to it’s original glory.  Here is the before photograph:








Here is what the house looks like at this point of the renovation process:










Ahhh, I can see the redemption already.

ExVoto is so happy to be able to participate in Parish’s Wine Down Wednesday this week.  We will be there Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00-5:00 with some of our favorite pieces!  Come by and see us!  514 Cloverdale Road #6 right across the dtreet from the A&P Lofts and behind the Brass Fountain.





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